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Fiordland Fiordland_NZ

@destinationfiordland #lovefiordland

Welcome to our special place

Fiordland is one of the southern hemisphere’s great

wilderness regions and has achieved World Heritage status for

its stunning natural features, exceptional beauty and role in

demonstrating the world’s evolutionary history.

You will be sure of a warm welcome and genuine hospitality

from people who care about this special part of the world and

who are eager and enthusiastic to share it with you. You can

enjoy access to wilderness areas and dramatic landscapes and

experience them with like-minded people and knowledgeable

hosts. The lack of crowds, the epic scenery, the crystal clear

waters, the wildlife and the overwhelming beauty of it all will

with leave you with unforgettable memories of the people

and the place. Fiordland is an experience to be cherished.

Lake Manapouri from Mt Titiroa